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God on Mission is a ministry resource for evangelical pastors, church planters, church planting movement leaders and current along with emerging leaders in local churches.  This resource is intended to be a globally focused site to provide some of the finest videos, articles, books, blogs, posts and media driven tools to help leaders in their walks with the Lord and ministries.  These resources are centered around Truth (The Word of God), Relationships, Vision and Mission.

Theo Mission is an ongoing site that provides past, present and future tools to assist in multiplying healthy individuals and churches.


Soaring with Summer Momentum

Copyright 2017 by Greg Kappas and Church Revitalizer MagazineSoaring with Summer Momentum Greg Kappas President and Founder of Grace Global Network Greg has been married nearly 35 years to his remarkable wife, Debbie and has 2 children with a...


The Best Practices for Church Revitalization and Renewal

Copyright 2018 by Greg Kappas and Church Revitalizer MagazineThe Best Practices for Church Revitalization and Renewal Dr. Greg Kappas   Best practices in various venues have become popular in articles, blogs, ebooks, books, forums, conferences, retreats, advances,...

Partner Resources

See for video sermons, blogs, daily devotions, weekly Ask Pastor Mark Question and Answer videos and monthly Leadership Equipping videos.  Pastor Mark gives many free resources to help you in your walk with Jesus Christ, your influence for His Kingdom, your pastoral ministry and church planting journey.  He is one of the evangelical world’s finest preachers, teachers, leaders and authors around the globe.  Dr. Greg uses this site on a regular basis.

For studying each book of the Bible under book, subject, author and verse with their Lumina digital system.  Also check out their Resources section on Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Children’s Ministry and Pastoral Ministry.  This is one of the finest Bible sites around the world and used often by Pastor Greg in his own study, preaching, teaching, leadership and writing.

Founded by Jeff Lind and Greg Kappas.  This site provides Tools to assist you in your personal growth and leadership for our Lord. 

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