Our Story

GGN was birthed at the end of 2004 by Dr. Greg Kappas and his wife, Debbie.  Soon afterwards, Dr. Henry Oursler was appointed as Director of Training and Coaching. Henry is a recognized leader in evangelical circles in communication, both orally and in written form (Henry is now in a contracting/ consulting role with GGN).  In its 15+ years, GGN has been selected by Leadership Network as one of the top ten church planting ministries in the United States.  Grace Global Network is respected for its partnering relationships with ministries such as The Global Alliance for Church Multiplication (GACX), The Trinity Church, Grand Canyon University, Gateway Seminary – Phoenix, The Timothy Initiative, Vision Nationals, Living Spring Christian Assembly, Mosaix Global Network,  DCPI, IMB, Leadership Network, etc.

Dr. Kappas is a co-founder of the International Church Planters Summit (ICPS) which brings together church planters and church planting movement leaders around the globe.  Past ICPS’s have included Theni, India (over 1,000 leaders from 4 continents) and Vizag, India; Nigeria; Thailand; Nepal and the United States.  These three and four day church planting summits are designed to train, encourage and equip church planters and movement leaders.  The ICPS’s provide a great time for networking, sharing ideas and strategies for seeing saturation church planting continent wide and globally.  To date, as of January 2019, GGN has been involved through its partners in directly impacting the planting of over 77,000 new churches, in 44 countries.  There have been over 1.9 million new believers with most of these new Christians baptized and placed in these new local churches. Dr. Kappas has personally authored, co-authored or edited more than 15 books, including a strongly respected church planting curriculum that is used in training church planting pastors and leaders during an 18 month to 2 year period.