Multiplying Healthy Churches

Greg, otherwise known as Professor, Kappas was my instructor for biblical interpretation two years ago. After a few classes and hearing the passion with which Greg spoke during lectures and discussion, I was determined to become his friend and hear some of the wisdom that is instilled within him. The amazing quality about Greg’s Hermeneutics class was that he taught on topics that we as students had decided were hard and confusing for us to read through in the bible. Greg cares more about the growth of the students rather than succeeding and proving his point on a theological topic. After taking class with Greg we continued to meet and talk about life, God and missions. He has been an incredible encourager to me in continuing to pursue the calling God has for me here in Phoenix Arizona as well as the next step in that calling which is to move to SouthEast Asia to free children from sex trafficking in the hope that they meet Jesus along the way. Greg has been an incredible friend and mentor and will continue to help me to grow as a man of God for years to come.

Jeremy Carlson

Greg and Debbie Kappas have been friends, family and great encouragers to us for nearly two decades now and we are extremely grateful that the Lord brought us together.  Greg has ministered with us at Vision Nationals on multiple times and Debbie has spoken at various women’s conferences. We also had the opportunity to minister together at numerous Church planter’s conferences around the globe.  We pray that the Lord will continue to help them to be a blessing to many people.

Arjuna Chiguluri

Vision Nationals, India

GGN exists to reach the world for Christ through evangelism, discipleship and leadership development.  I have worked with Greg and Debbie for more than  decade. They are passionate about Jesus and understand reaching the world requires a multiplication of leaders.

Rev. Bob Chin

President and Founder, Relighting the Fire Ministries

Grace Global Network is a leading-edge ministry in advancing the Great Commission. Dr. Greg Kappas and his leadership not only are an example to us how to reach more for Christ, but they also incite us to do the same!  I am thrilled at how God is using GGN to usher the churches toward our eternal purpose and calling!

Dr. Wayne Cordeiro

New Hope Christian College - Hawaii & Oregon

I have known Greg and Debbie Kappas for more than two decades. They have spent their entire adult life teaching the Bible, investing in leaders, and helping network church planting movement leaders around the world. Because of the international relationships they have built over decades of faithful ministry, they are able to effectively connect churches and leaders in the U.S. with ministry partners around the globe. They also lead numerous short-term mission trips around the world each year. These trips help build the ministry partnerships for ongoing Kingdom investment.

Mark Driscoll

Founding Senior Pastor, The Trinity Church

Greg Kappas has a heart bigger than all outdoors when it comes to planting churches and growing the kingdom. He is well worth your support and prayers.

Bill Easum

President, The Effective Church Group

I’ve been incredibly blessed to know and work alongside of Greg Kappas for over a decade now.  We’ve literally travelled around the world together more than once as I joined him in networking, training, equipping and resourcing hundreds of church planting movement leaders from dozens of countries across Asia.  I’ve discovered that Greg has thousands of connections around the world.  His passion for reaching unreached people with the Good News of Jesus is extraordinary.  Through Grace Global Network (GGN), Greg strategically links churches, leaders and resources to boots-on-the-ground church planters all over the globe.  He is Kingdom-minded so Greg freely gives of himself to make sure other like-hearted ministries are successful.  As a former board member of GGN, I’ve seen the organization from the inside out.  It is completely trustworthy, filled with integrity and solid in every way.

Greg’s ministry knowledge, his wisdom and connections helped me personally develop and implement a succession plan to next generation leaders at Cape Christian in southwest Florida.  In addition, he mentored and developed our young leaders.  And, I cannot leave out his wife Debbie.  She is a significant partner in GGN.  Her encouragement, her strategic thinking, and her teaching gifts have multiplied their fruitfulness and impact.  They are both faithful and committed to their calling to change the world through planting multiplying churches.

Dennis Gingerich

Founding Pastor, Cape Christian

Coline and I have had the honor of being friends and disciples of Greg and Debbie Kappas for the entirety of our lives in fulltime ministry. They have been generous to us with their wisdom, relationships and their passion to tell a lost world about a risen Savior. Their influence in our lives has helped us lead our work in East and North Africa.

Traveling with Greg in Africa in our initial years helped lay the foundation of our understanding of international missions and specifically for missional leadership development. As we now lead thousands of church planters, Greg’s mentoring and relational abilities have been great examples for us to follow and have fostered intentional growth in our hearts. We thank God for the opportunity to calling the Kappas family our beloved friends.

Andre & Coline Harriot

East & North Directors, The Timothy Initiative

My wife, Collette, and I have known Greg and Debbie since they were my students at Western Seminary in the 1980s. We have kept in touch over the years and we have seen them as excellent parents and now grandparents. When we lived near each other I have worked with them teaching in an educational ministry they founded. We know them to be committed to making disciples and strengthening churches as they implement the Great Commission with their lives. We whole heartily endorse their work.

Bob & Collette Krupp

Instructor, Online Campus; Formerly Library Director and Associate Professor of Church History, Western Seminary

I have known Greg Kappas since the day he came to know Christ. His passion for the Word, love for Christ and equipping believers for the work of the ministry has never waned.  I and my church have supported Greg, Debbie and GGN for several years. He is a man of spiritual and moral integrity. I would encourage anyone to partner with him and the work of GGN.

Brady K. Lipscomb

Lead Pastor, Ridgeview Community Bible Church

I have enjoyed the privilege of knowing Greg and Debbie Kappas for many years. When they walk into the room, wisdom and love are present. Greg has served our church for several years as our National Evangelical Advisor, supporting us in a variety of ways up to and including counseling us through leadership transition, church planting, multi-site, leadership development and church polity. Our church and my family have personally grown to love them dearly and words cannot express adequately the appreciation and love we have for them. I highly recommend Greg, Debbie and the Grace Global Network team to you personally and your ministry.

David Miller

Lead Pastor, The Fellowship Church

Greg and Debbie Kappas are one of the sweetest couples I know.  They share a passion for loving Jesus and loving others.  They have a uniquely strong theological and exegetical knowledge of Scripture and are committed to seeing the Word of God communicated with truth, passion, and clarity.  I am honored to have worked alongside Greg for a few years and love him as a friend!


Dr. Jared Nelms

Vice President, The Timothy Initiative

I have known Greg and Debbie Kappas for forty years. As I’ve watched their ministy and influence expand. I’ve seen the encouraging impact they have made in church planter’s lives. I’ve seen their enthusiasm and counsel help movement leaders focus on essential questions to help hone their direction and impact. Greg has a great ability to network resources and leaders to help accelerate church planting movements. And I am impressed with all of that, as I am sure you are. However, the older I get and the longer I serve the Lord Jesus, I am much more impressed with the quality of their personal lives. Adjectives like honesty, integrity, wisdom, faithfulness, and endurance come to mind quickly when I think of Greg and Debbie. through their ministry of Grace Global Network, they have served the body of Christ faithfully and with integrity.

Dr. Henry Oursler

President, Bringing Truth To Life and LeaderSHAPE

I have known Dr. Kappas since 2010. He was part of a team that launched GACX (a global alliance for church multiplication) in 2011. Dr. Kappas is one of the most passionate, inspiring and effective leaders I know in church planting movements. He has founded Grace Global Network to help accelerate global evangelization through partnerships and church planting.

Dr. Bekele Shanko

Cru VP, Global Church Movements / Chairman GACX

Grace Global Network is a tremendous network of ministry leaders and Kingdom builders that God clearly has his hand on. I’ve known Debbie and Greg Kappas for over two decades and have had the opportunity to observe them pour their lives into other faithful ministry leaders in all kinds of ministry contexts. Debbie is a knowledgeable Bible teacher, mentor and coach along with her beautiful spirit and lovely personality. Greg is a natural mentor/coach with a gift for writing and serving daily in the ministry trenches that contribute to Kingdom building. I have never experienced anyone that has as much passion for building, encouraging and empowering international ministry leaders as Greg does.

I’m blessed to have Debbie and Greg Kappas as my friends and ministry partners. My prayer for them and for Grace Global Network is for the Lord to continue to bless and guide them as they faithfully serve ministry leaders all over our world.

Linda Stanley

Senior Fellow, Leadership Network

I have always found Greg Kappas to be knowledgeable, resourceful and insightful especially when it comes to coaching church planters. Grace Global Network is a great team to support your multiplication efforts. Find a way to use them today! Dave Travis

Senior Consultant, Leadership Network

I have known Greg and Debbie Kappas for over eight years and with each passing day I continue to see how God is using them around the world to mentor and equip men and women who have a passion for evangelism and church planting. I know this, because I am one such man. As a business man and founder of Across Borders Ministries, a ministry proclaiming Christ to Colombia, Greg has selflessly provided of his time and resources to help my ministry. As a member of our Board of Directors, Greg is a Proverbs 16 example of what a Godly leader should be: He seeks after God’s direction, he is modest and not arrogant, he is a peacemaker, he is fair and just, he is sensible and kind, he is a quick learner, humble and slow to anger. But most of all Greg is a man who loves God and really, really cares about the men and women he mentors and equips. My family and my ministry have been blessed by Greg and Debbie Kappas. Love you guys!

Brad Williams

President and Founder, Across Borders Ministries

Dr. Greg Kappas is a scholar and a friend, to paraphrase the old adage. Dr. Kappas has a deep and thorough understanding of Scripture as well as of theological and missiological thought. He knows how to communicate that understanding to others in a way that they can grasp. And he is always ready to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. Greg loves God and loves people. I know because he and his wife Debbie cared for and prayed for my family as we passed through a very difficult season in our lives. Greg’s network of prayed for and cared for friends extends around the globe. Your life will be enriched as a result of your interaction with Dr. Greg Kappas.

John Wood

Founding Executive Director , Glory Honor Africa

I can’t think of too many people who have more experience, wisdom, and heart for church planting in the US and globally than do Greg and Debbie Kappas. Greg has helped to train and put on the field thousands of church planters over his long career in ministry. As a team, they have taught, equipped, and trained effectively with hearts aflame for God and his gospel. They are theologians and shepherds with missional hearts and hearts for God and His Kingdom. I heartily endorse and recommend them and their work with Grace Global Network.

Walter Wood

Sr, Catalyst, City to City Western Europe, and Assistant Director, City to City North America